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Webinar Q&A: Can you measure relative NPS in a nascent industry?

Fred and Rob discussed the upcoming book in a July 20 webinar. In this and subsequent posts, they answer additional audience questions from the webinar question-and-answer session.

Q: We are a large solar residential company and NPS is a company-wide metric. We don’t have an easy way of measuring ourselves against competitors because the industry is so nascent. The advice I’ve gotten is to strive to simply improve our own scores – but we want better comparison data. How can we get it?

We applaud your commitment to NPS and to making customer experience a differentiator. Aiming high is an essential first step in the journey. While it can be quite difficult to find the right competitive set for comparison, you might take a page out of Intuit’s book. For Intuit’s consumer tax preparation software, TurboTax, Intuit collects top-down, relative NPS data not only on competing software solutions, but also on the relevant alternatives under consideration by customers. These include simple pencil and paper (doing it yourself the old way), tax preparation services like H&R Block, and competing software packages. What is the right way to think about alternatives to solar? Wind? Traditional electric from the local utility? LP Gas?

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