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Webinar Q&A: Does the frequency of customer contact affect NPS?

Fred and Rob discussed the upcoming book in a July 20 webinar. In this and subsequent posts, they answer additional audience questions from the webinar question-and-answer session.

Q: Does the amount of customer contact impact customer NPS? (A sales person or customer service rep with direct customer contact will have more impact than someone who does not. Do you need to include a variable for the amount of customer contact?)

Depending on the business you are in, the amount of contact with a customer can have significant impact on your Net Promoter score. At one Bain client, Net Promoter scores were very low among distributors of our client’s products who had not been visited enough, but grew with the number of visits by our client’s sales people. Importantly, NPS peaked at roughly 6 visits per year, flattening out and then declining with more and more visits. Further analysis revealed a significant difference in the effectiveness of sales reps who were making lots of extra visits. They were perceived to be “wasting the time of the staff” at the distributor. It turns out that several of these distributors were located right next door to coffee shops. Go figure.

What the above story reveals is that it’s even more important to understand why the number of contacts has impact on Promoter score. Only in this way can you determine whether and how to improve the effectiveness of the contacts you have and to determine whether to try to grow (or shrink) the number of different contacts.

We do not recommend adjusting Net Promoter scores or goals based on number of contacts, except in very rare circumstances.

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