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Webinar Q&A: How does product unbundling affect Net Promoter scores?

Fred and Rob discussed the upcoming book in a July 20 webinar. In this and subsequent posts, they answer additional audience questions from the webinar question-and-answer session.

Q: How do you think the unbundling of a product towards ancillary revenues affects Net Promoter scores?

I do not think we have empirical evidence to advise on how bundling or unbundling affects a brand’s Net Promoter score.

In some cases, unbundling could raise NPS when doing so allows customers to optimize the value they receive and observe the unique value of each component.

This might be especially true if customers feel that the bundle forces them to buy services or products they don’t value or use and that by unbundling they can isolate and buy the component they want.

On the other hand, unbundling can also be clearly associated with reductions of overall customer orientation and loyalty. This might be especially true when unbundling doesn’t actually lead to greater value or optimization, because a valued service is being taken away unless they now pay a fee for something that before they saw as being included for free.

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