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Webinar Q&A: Net Promoter system for nonprofits

Fred and Rob discussed the upcoming book in a July 20 webinar. In this and subsequent posts, they answer additional audience questions from the webinar question-and-answer session.

Q: Could you comment on what you are doing in applying a Net Promoter system approach to the nonprofit sector?

Several nonprofits have adopted the Net Promoter system. Typically a nonprofit will have several constituencies where Net Promoter can help foster better relationships. For example, a nonprofit needs to earn the loyalty of:

• Volunteers
• Donors (both individual and institutional, such as corporations or foundations)
• Service partners
• Service recipients or beneficiaries

Gathering and acting on feedback from each of these constituent groups may be an important way for a nonprofit organization to improve the value of the services it provides, increase the effectiveness of its fundraising efforts, or retain its valuable employees and volunteers.

Bain & Company will join with Teach for America to host a Net Promoter Forum for nonprofit organizations on October 26-27, 2011 in New York City. During that session, we will discuss the successes and challenges nonprofits experience using the Net Promoter system. In addition to hosts from Teach for America, confirmed attendees include: Habitat for Humanity, Donors Choose and City Year. If you are using NPS in the nonprofit sector and are interested in hearing more about this meeting, please contact Stu Berman through our inquiry form. Please specify “NPS nonprofit forum” in your inquiry.

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