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Monthly Archives: January 2012

Transform your employees into passionate advocates

The following post originally appeared on the Harvard Business Review Blog Network. Employee happiness is becoming a hot topic among CEOs and in boardrooms, and it’s about time. The current issue of Harvard Business Review, which includes a series of … Continue reading

Net Promoter on a napkin

David Mitzenmacher drew a great summary of the Net Promoter system—on a napkin—and posted it to his blog. As the co-author of a 267-page book on the subject, I should probably find this vaguely disturbing. Instead, I’m really impressed. Nice … Continue reading

Measuring happiness

This post originally appeared on Happiness has been a hot topic in business lately and I’ve been delighted to see such a serious subject get the attention it deserves in the corner office. In the Jeffersonian tradition, the “pursuit … Continue reading

The turnaround of Charles Schwab

We talk and write a lot about the economic benefits of Net Promoter. But in the newest video in our Behind the Quiet Revolution series, we talk about something more: how Net Promoter can help build, or restore, a personal … Continue reading