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A conversation with five CEOs

Last September, I played host to five CEOs who gathered to talk about what Net Promoter meant to them and to their companies. A video from that conversation is now available on the site, and it offers a rare chance to hear five executives in one room talk about why they believe Net Promoter is ultimately far more than a just measure of customer loyalty.

“What attracted us to Net Promoter,” says Rackspace CEO Lanham Napier, “is we were thinking about how to measure greatness.”

“Net Promoter,” says Walt Bettinger, CEO of Charles Schwab Corporation, told employees “it is safe to always do the right thing,” even if that means challenging the CEO himself.

For more from these CEOs, and from eBay’s John Donahoe, Intuit’s Brad Smith, and Bain & Company’s Steve Ellis, check out the video.


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