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The real customer protection plan

Returning a rental car to the airport during a recent trip to Miami, I encountered an embarrassed rental agent who told me I’d be charged an extra half-day for being 35 minutes late with the car, plus a small fortune for the gas I had forgotten to buy.

What employee wouldn’t be embarrassed to have to treat a customer that way? In a well-meaning but futile effort to make amends, he suggested I get the company’s “protection plan” next time I rented. Protection plan? Was this a car rental company or organized crime? Unfortunately, many companies today find they can make a profit by abusing customers—and embarrass their employees in the bargain.

Living up to the Golden Rule—and avoiding bad profits—are recurring themes in the Ultimate Question 2.0. In this recent video, shot by Harvard Business Review, I talk about both—or what you might call the real customer protection plan.

2 Responses to The real customer protection plan

  1. You don’t get it. That car rental company got, what, $30-50 extra PROFIT. Now, it they kept you happy, they get nothing.

    Sure, you might be a return customer, maybe even recommend So-and-So Rental Car Co @ Somesuch Airport, but maybe not.are you going to fly there again? Do you have any friends that might go there? Do you even have any friends? YOU DON’T KNOW!

    Better to piss off the customers and make the profit, because people gotta drive. Look, this is the successful model Planet Hollywood used for years, until they went bankrupt. I mean, who WOULDN’T want to pay $10 for a mediocre burger, served by a surly waiter, surrounded by fake Hollywood props?

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