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Treating people right

People often ask me why I got focused on customer loyalty, and why I am still so obsessed with it after three decades of studying the topic. The answer is easy; customer loyalty drives extraordinary financial results. What’s not easy is earning that customer loyalty. The financial results are the byproduct of complex and intense efforts to build the right kind of community where relationships are worthy of loyalty, and to measure your progress. It’s not just talking about greatness, it’s figuring out how great you really are—every day and in every location—and using that information to drive the right actions.

For more on what companies with exceptional loyalty do to earn it, take a look at this Harvard Business Review video.

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  1. I really enjoyed your book, Mr. Reichheld, and would love to do a Q&A with you on my blog which is geared towards professionals over 40 who are looking to jump-start their careers. If you are interested, please connect with me via, or hit the contact us button at Thank you for your efforts to spread the word of how treating people right makes your business more profitable, and also a more inspiring place to work!