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Monthly Archives: July 2012

Earn customer loyalty without losing your shirt

The following post originally appeared on the Harvard Business Review Blog Network.

You know, people keep telling me we need to empower our employees, but we can’t just let our employees do whatever they want to satisfy customers. We’d lose our shirts. We have a business to run, and we have to make money.

In our customer strategy work at Bain & Company, executives frequently express similar fears, often in far more colorful language. They worry that that their service employees will forgive fees, fail to enforce policies, and spend too much time with their customers.

In fact, they’re often right. Continue reading

How Logitech fixed the mouse that roared

Check out this recent presentation from Logitech’s Bernard Gander describing how the company is using NPS to improve the customer experience. Gander focuses on how NPS alerted the company to flaws in its MX 5000 keyboard and mouse—the same Logitech … Continue reading