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Rare opportunities to earn customer trust and gratitude

“Our business is different than the ones you write about in your book. It’s a low-involvement category. We rarely interact with our customers. We’re not top of mind for them. And when we do, it’s usually for routine transactions online. … Continue reading

How Rackspace turns customers into brand fanatics

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Rackspace is a young entrepreneurial company in the fiercely competitive cloud computing and managed hosting business. Founded in 1998, it now has a revenue run rate of more than $1 billion and annual growth topping 30%. What distinguishes the company from competitors, says CEO Lanham Napier, is the so-called “Fanatical Support” it offers customers. The company measures and manages Fanatical Support through its Net Promoter® system.

“The goal of Fanatical Support is to create customers who are promoters,” Napier explains. “Promoters recommend us to their friends, becoming an extension of our salesforce. Customers who are promoters are also more profitable, staying with us longer and buying more of our services…. The creation of loyal promoters not only reduces customer acquisition costs, it improves retention rates and inspires our Rackers [employees].” Continue reading

Great innovation may come from your customers’ crumbs

Do stale bits of toast rain down from your keyboard when you turn it over? Have years of sticky soda spills given some keys a mind of their ownnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn? For those us who eat lunch at our desks, Logitech has … Continue reading

Turn impossible complaints into opportunities to shine

Every company has customers with complaints that can’t easily be fixed. Maybe it’s a car buyer who’s disappointed that a manufacturer doesn’t offer leather seats for his economy sedan. Maybe it’s a department store shopper who feels like she can’t … Continue reading