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Monthly Archives: November 2012

The inventors’ delusion: Assuming everyone is just like you

Somewhere in a tech research a lab, an engineer is building what he considers to be the ultimate office gadget. He spent weeks designing the tool’s 65 features, which users can customize with a little programming. He’s sure it will … Continue reading

Is customer loyalty dead?

This post originally appeared on LinkedIn.  In a world where many customer interactions happen online, where human tellers and clerks have been replaced by ATMs and kiosks, where customers have tremendous price transparency at the click of a mouse, is … Continue reading

“Wowing” customers every day, not just Black Friday

Many stores are adopting a hurry-up offense for Black Friday this year and opening the evening of Thanksgiving Day, hoping to attract the most eager shoppers. Is opening earlier (and cutting into employees’ time with their families) the way to delight … Continue reading

The one word that customers love to hear

TD Bank trains customer-facing employees to satisfy any client requests that don’t violate the bank’s policies. Sometimes the company says yes before its customers can even ask the question, most recently by offering fee refunds to people affected by Hurricane … Continue reading

Calculating the economics of loyalty

This post originally appeared on Imagine that you run a chain of hotels. You know that amid all the guests who stay with you there is a group of star customers. They visit often. They never stay anywhere else … Continue reading

Give promoters a reason to stick around

Companies should never assume that promoters will always be promoters. Like all relationships, it takes time and energy to maintain a strong connection with customers. Promoters spend more on a company’s products over time and they’re less sensitive to price … Continue reading

Profits follow when you put people first

Too many companies focus on maximizing short-term profits because they are a reliable metric for evaluating executives’ performance. But many companies would benefit from measuring how closely they follow the Golden Rule. As Net Promoter practitioners know, companies that delight their customers … Continue reading

Accounting for customers

This post originally appeared on LinkedIn.  Lucy Y., an accountant, responded to my recent post about “bad profits” with the comment that her profession is sometimes lured by the numbers into seeing “just a part of the story.” I think that’s true. … Continue reading