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Give promoters a reason to stick around

Companies should never assume that promoters will always be promoters. Like all relationships, it takes time and energy to maintain a strong connection with customers.

Promoters spend more on a company’s products over time and they’re less sensitive to price increases. They also complain less, bring in new customers and buy more expensive products and services. Promoters remain customers longer and they’re eager to hear about new offerings. Some are so loyal that they’ll wait in line for hours to buy the latest iteration of a product at full price.

Companies often tend to focus on converting detractors when they first begin using a Net Promoter® system. Yet, many companies find that it’s cheaper to expand their relationships with existing promoters than to win over detractors.

Here are some of the ways companies are boosting loyalty:

Create communities of like-minded customers. Many fans of LEGO Group’s beloved bricks are adult hobbyists who relish creating elaborate models. Some have even started regional fan clubs. To keep them engaged, LEGO offers programs that turn adult enthusiasts and professional “brick artists” into official brand ambassadors. The company’s website also has message boards that help hobbyists communicate.

Show that you care at crucial moments. Charles Schwab helps new customers get started through its New Client Concierge service. While many clients feel like they don’t need the help, Schwab’s customers’ advocacy and behavior show that they appreciate the gesture.

Give customers a say in product design. Companies such as Logitech are using the Net Promoter system to guide their product development decisions. Logitech, for example, asks customers to give feedback on new devices. The responses help the company fix problems and enhance features, allowing it to introduce upgraded products faster. Customers get the satisfaction of knowing that their input matters to the company.


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  1. I got in here accidentally, I was searching for websites for the other kind of promoters, like my profession (hostess / promoter / model) but I’m still glad I found this blog. Quite interesting information, it made me stay here for a while…