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Monthly Archives: January 2013

Why the Golden Rule is good business

This post originally appeared on LinkedIn.  The Golden Rule—treat others as you would want to be treated—is a pillar of most of the world’s great religions. It lies at the heart of secular ethics. It is an expression of the basic … Continue reading

Resumen rápido de The Ultimate Question 2.0 (“La pregunta decisiva 2.0”)

Some time ago, we published an excellent “speed summary” of The Ultimate Question 2.0. The summary was written by Paul Marsden, who blogs about using NPS in brand advocacy. The summary has proved to be a popular piece—so popular, in … Continue reading

Bruce Temkin: “Likelihood to recommend” tops customer experience measures

If you have even a passing interest in customer service analysis, you’ve probably heard of Bruce Temkin, co-founder of the Customer Experience Professional Association and managing partner of the Temkin Group, a customer experience research firm. Bruce’s company recently studied … Continue reading

A business where the ultimate goal is loyalty

Check out this item about a UK football (a.k.a. soccer) team—Birmingham City F.C. They are using Net Promoter to measure loyalty among first-time fans and attendees of corporate events. Loyalty is a pretty obvious element of any sports team’s business. … Continue reading

At call centers, a better measure of success

The traditional measure of success at many call centers is the average handling time (AHT), the amount of time it takes for an employee to address a customer’s problem. A short AHT quantifies how quickly the employee handled the issue, … Continue reading

Net Promoter in a picture

Check out this cool infographic on Net Promoter, created by Ambassador and posted on HubSpot by Pamela Vaughan. This infographic and the now famous Net Promoter on a napkin both illustrate, literally, a common theme: the simplicity that helps make Net Promoter … Continue reading

Let customers know you’re listening to them

Closing the loop is a central element of the Net Promoter system that Rob and I describe in our book. It signals to customers that their feedback actually produces results and brings that customer’s voice right inside the organization and allows … Continue reading