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Monthly Archives: March 2013

Delighting bank customers one phone at a time

Almost one-third of the 74,700 US consumers that Bain & Company surveyed for its latest global Customer Loyalty in Retail Banking report used smartphones or tablets for banking during the three months prior to the survey. That’s up from one-fifth of respondents … Continue reading

Telstra’s Net Promoter system

A great example of a company’s leader using the Net Promoter system to develop a more customer-focused culture: Thodey has a way to go on customer satisfaction from the Australian newspaper The Age.      

The growing popularity of employee NPS

Employees who feel real enthusiasm generally find creative ways to make their customers’ lives better and earn their deep loyalty. It’s a concept we’ve been working on for several years. In the latest issue of HR Magazine, the publication of … Continue reading

NPS training that you’re likely to recommend

For every analytics system and measuring tool, there are twice as many conferences, seminars and certification programs promising to make you an expert in them. But sometimes these workshops are worth it. A user of Quora asked me what I … Continue reading

Can good service get lost in translation?

When your Net Promoter scores vary widely across countries, it’s natural to wonder if a cultural difference is to blame. Before you dismiss a discrepancy as beyond your control, it’s crucial to dig deeper and consider other factors. A user … Continue reading

Are people talking about your brand? One good way to find out

The Net Promoter system is a natural fit for service companies, but what about consumer goods, such as cereal and shoes? A user of the social network Quora asked whether the question “How likely are you to recommend us to … Continue reading