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Monthly Archives: November 2013

LinkedIn readers share their “intelligent acts of kindness”

Earlier this month, I wrote a blog post on LinkedIn that praised the merits of “intelligent acts of kindness”—common-sense, low-cost gestures that really make a person’s day. These efforts are “intelligent” for businesses because they are thoughtful, practical, appropriate—and sustainable. At the end, … Continue reading

Can a maniacal focus on customer loyalty ever be counterproductive?

It’s easy to answer the title question of this post with one word: no. Or another word: never. Look at Apple’s retail stores, American Express, Vanguard and the other loyalty leaders. They’re relentless in their determination (1) to learn customer … Continue reading

Inspiring loyalty through intelligent acts of kindness

Some executives think they need to resort to pricey incentives to cultivate loyalty among their customers. But often, all it takes is a common sense, low-cost gesture to brighten a customer’s day and inspire him or her to share the … Continue reading

One number that says it all

This blog post originally appeared on LinkedIn.  Analysts use many yardsticks to predict the direction of a company’s stock price—price-to-earnings ratios, dividend payout ratios, EBITDA and so on. Some are so complicated: Try calculating a company’s weighted average cost of … Continue reading

Do your customers really like you better than before?

More companies these days are using the Net Promoter System (NPS) to gauge how well they’re doing in the eyes of their customers. They conduct short, frequent surveys, often after every significant interaction. They typically ask how likely (on a zero-to-10 … Continue reading