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Monthly Archives: February 2014

Like your job? Thank your boss

This article originally appeared on LinkedIn. Your boss has a lot to do with whether you like your work. That may sound blindingly obvious, but surprisingly few companies treat direct supervisors and team leaders as the key to employee engagement. … Continue reading

Intelligent acts of kindness: Why it pays to be nice

This article originally appeared on LinkedIn.  I recently had to get a new cable box. Few companies can raise the ire of consumers like cable companies, with their DIY installation and sometimes weak service. As the rep at my cable … Continue reading

Introducing the Net Promoter System podcast

We’re always looking for new ways to help Net Promoter System practitioners around the world share their experiences as they try to build loyalty inside and outside their organizations. We recently launched a podcast on iTunes, in which I talk … Continue reading

Why no one wants to take your survey

This article originally appeared on LinkedIn.  Of the hundreds of survey requests you receive each year, to how many do you respond? How many times has a store invited you to take an online survey for the chance to win … Continue reading

Who inspires you at work?

When it comes to keeping employees engaged, few people are as influential as direct supervisors. Makes sense, right? You’re more likely to enjoy your job if your boss pays attention to your work, gives you the right tools for the … Continue reading

The four secrets to employee engagement

This article originally appeared on  How did you feel about coming to work this morning? I’m sure many factors influenced whether you felt like digging right in, but one of the most significant was almost surely your boss. It … Continue reading