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Introducing the Net Promoter System podcast

The Net Promoter System podcast

We’re always looking for new ways to help Net Promoter System practitioners around the world share their experiences as they try to build loyalty inside and outside their organizations. We recently launched a podcast on iTunes, in which I talk to veteran Net Promoter practitioners and industry experts about everything from employee engagement to the challenges they’ve faced on their loyalty journey.

My first guest was my colleague Fred Reichheld, who helped develop the Net Promoter System more than a decade ago (see player below).

A chat with Pam Carpenter and Michael Ramirez of Herman Miller (see player below), the office furniture maker, followed in our second podcast. Pam and Michael discussed Herman Miller’s approach to customer loyalty and how the company gathers feedback and uses it to improve its operations.  This is the first of several podcasts I’ll be doing with Herman Miller executives—they’ve graciously allowed me to check in with them every month or so about their Net Promoter journey.

Most recently, I talked to Gillian Smith, the chief marketing officer of City Year (see player below), the nonprofit that sends young people into urban schools to help struggling students succeed. City Year uses the Net Promoter System to gauge its relationship with its key constituents, including members of its corps, donors and the schools and communities it serves. What might surprise many executives is that City Year faces many of the same Net Promoter challenges as Fortune 500 companies.

Upcoming podcasts will feature guests from TD Bank, Vanguard and other major companies. We encourage you to check out the series on iTunes or listen on our website. You can also discuss these podcasts on Twitter, using the hashtag #npspodcast.

2 Responses to Introducing the Net Promoter System podcast

  1. I’m an enthusiastic advocate of the Net Promoter System.

    In fact, what I believe is probably one of the first economic on the market share & growth impact of WOM (NPS) conducted by Bain and the London School of Economics was the key business model driver in a successful social media agency I founded 5 years ago.

    It was instrumental in our efforts to land Visa International as their first social media agency of record.

    Having said all that, the podcast initiative to date, although a very smart idea, would get a FAIL at this stage.
    Android mobile operating system has more installed users than Apple iOS yet no podcast subscription availability. So over half of the market are now detractors.
    Sorry this is a pet peeve of mine.
    Guess I should have found out that your podcast is only available via subscription through iTunes before I re-tweeted the good news.


    PS Dennis Miller has left the building :-)

    • Randolph:

      Awesome point. We are new at podcasting, and we overlooked this. Sorry. We will work on providing access for the Android community. What is your favorite podcast store/site?

      In the meantime, did you know you can play the podcast directly from our website? Maybe not perfect for your needs, but you can hear the episodes by streaming them right on our page.