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Lessons from long-time loyalty leaders

In our latest podcast, we bring you a conversation with two deeply experienced loyalty leaders, Linda Verba and Brian Andrews. Linda Verba is the EVP of Retail Operations and Service Recognition at TD Bank Group, and one of the prime architects of TD’s service culture. Brian Andrews was, until just recently, the Vice President of Customer Experience and Business Excellence at Intuit. He was an early member of the Loyalty Forum and has been a thought leader there for a long time.

In this, part one of our conversation, we reminisce about the early days of Net Promoter and how it has evolved from a score into a business system. We also look at some of the things TD Bank and Intuit have learned about how to make Net Promoter a powerful force for change in their organizations, such as branding it internally. Linda also describes some of the cultural reinforcements, such as TD Bank’s “1 to say Yes, 2 to say No” rule.

You can listen to our discussion on iTunes or through the player below.

One Response to Lessons from long-time loyalty leaders

  1. This is a great list of tips. Sometimes loyalty leaders just don’t know where to go or where to begin.