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Do your customers’ have a predominant personality?

In the latest Net Promoter System℠ podcast, I chat with Kelly Conway, CEO of Mattersight Corporation. Mattersight’s applications combine analysis of customer conversations with data about those customers—as well as other aspects of the relationship—in near-real time to help employees serve those customers better. Its applications allow a company to do things like route customer calls to the reps who can best handle them or identify a customer who’s in distress and suggest ways to diffuse the situation.

I heard about Kelly and Mattersight from a member of the NPS® Loyalty Forum who had used Mattersight’s tools to improve customer service and sales. In this podcast, we explore just how much you can learn about how a call is going—and how to improve it—using Mattersight’s algorithms. We even talk about how customer groups at different companies have predominant personality types. And once you know what those are, you can hire employees to match them. I found what Kelly and his company do so fascinating that I had to share it. You can listen to our discussion on iTunes or through the player below.

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