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In our latest Net Promoter System℠ podcast, I speak with Borge Hald, CEO of Medallia. Medallia’s services help companies capture customer feedback, understand it in real time and take action to improve the customer experience. The company’s software powers closed-loop feedback. Its systems also combine customers’ unstructured, verbatim comments with other operational data, so employees can understand what else might have affected customers’ experience.

Medallia supports some of the best-known companies using the Net Promoter System. In fact, I met Borge through one of his company’s most ardent promoters―an NPS Loyalty Forum member who insisted on bringing him to one of our quarterly meetings. Her advocacy made a real difference, and now, many of our Forum members are also Medallia’s customers.

In this podcast, Borge and I discuss the future of customer feedback and the role of text analytics. We also talk a little about how Medallia got its start during a particularly difficult time. You can learn more about Medallia at their website.

You can listen to our discussion on iTunes or through the player below. Click here to browse more Net Promoter System podcasts.

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