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Scaling up or scoping out at Herman Miller

Michael Ramirez and Pam CarpenterSo you’ve run some closed-loop feedback pilots using the Net Promoter System. You’ve learned a few things. Now what do you do?

That’s the question Pam Carpenter and Michael Ramirez face as they bring Net Promoter to Herman Miller. We’ve been following their progress on the Net Promoter System podcast all year, and Pam and Michael are back in the latest episode to discuss some of the challenges they’ve faced and lessons they’ve learned.

Questions we explore in our discussion include: How fast should the office furniture maker move forward after its initial NPS pilot? What should be the process for expanding its efforts? Should the company scale up from the initial prototype within a particular business unit or should it widen its scope by bringing the system to other parts of the business? What kind of IT support will the system need?

Pam and Michael are also grappling with some common issues that companies that sell to other businesses typically face. It all makes for a thoughtful and interesting discussion.

You can listen on iTunes or through the player below. Click here to browse more Net Promoter System podcasts.

2 Responses to Scaling up or scoping out at Herman Miller

  1. Rob, I just listened to this podcast for the first time and wanted to share that I really loved it. It’s easy to focus on the benefits of adopting a Net Promoter System, but in this podcast you changed angles and talked candidly about the real barriers to implementation that need to be overcome…specifically the guidance to invest in doing the right economical analyses upfront to convince middle-mngmt of the long-term payoff, and the idea of a phased approach to show proof of concept. As someone at the beginning of my journey to drive a culture of NPS in a large organization, I really appreciated the insight and the hard cold truth that it’s going to be an uphill battle, especially in early days. Hearing that others have the same challenge makes me feel more comfortable and confident that I can succeed. So thanks.

    And please push out more podcasts, I’ve listened to 90% of them over the past few weeks, running low!


    • Rick, you’re too kind! As you noted, our aim is to get real here. This isn’t about promotion, but about the practical challenges we all face, and how we can overcome them.

      We try to publish roughly three podcasts each month. If you have some suggestions on guests, please let us know! And good luck on your Net Promoter System journey! — RGM