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Monthly Archives: September 2014

Busting the myth of the Lucite block: What does it take to change a culture?

Too many leaders seem to wish that culture change would just happen organically, effortlessly. In their minds, all they need to do is develop a well-worded mission statement and a vision for the future that fits on a nice PowerPoint … Continue reading

Why your banking experience is likely to get better

Banks are working hard to cultivate loyalty just to keep pace in an ultra-competitive market. In the process, they’re doing many things right, as I explain in my latest post on LinkedIn Pulse. They’re using technology to make easy transactions … Continue reading

Letting feedback speak for itself

Suppose I’m a customer of yours. You and I have recently interacted. I was a little disappointed in how you served me and my company. I have some feedback about my experience―how it made me feel and what I think … Continue reading