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Love feedback but hate surveys? Join the club

Who likes surveys? Not me. I hate them. As a customer, they fill my inbox. They make my phone ring. They generally make me feel guilty for not responding, and when I do take the time to respond I’m almost … Continue reading

The UK’s grand experiment: A prescription for better healthcare

How do you choose a doctor or a hospital? Whether you’re pregnant and sizing up hospitals for your delivery or looking for a dermatologist to examine a mole, you will probably seek recommendations from your friends and family. That’s because … Continue reading

Powering down the road to customer loyalty in B2B: Cummins Inc.

Cummins Inc. makes diesel engines. It’s an old-line manufacturing company with a storied history, and it’s been a leader in its business for almost 100 years. But what makes Cummins really distinctive is that it competes against its own customers. … Continue reading

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A finely balanced brew: Consistency with personality

Ever wonder how Starbucks dreamed up the Frappuccino—that frothy, creamy coffee beverage that’s now its own billion-dollar business? It has its own website, Twitter feed and a roster of more than two dozen flavors. The line is so popular that … Continue reading