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Medallia webinar replay: Harnessing the economics of customer loyalty

Loyalty leaders know how valuable their most valuable customers are. It’s a simple but powerful concept. In a webinar last week, I explained how companies can use loyalty economics to make investments that ultimately build loyalty and sustain growth. By … Continue reading

The huddle: The short meeting that leads to big results

No matter what size your company, keeping employees connected to the core mission can be a challenge. For frontline workers, the incessant flow of customer transactions can eventually strip them of context and meaning. Often, in an attempt to improve … Continue reading

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Medallia webinar: What are the economics of customer loyalty?

Doing right by your customers so that they stay loyal and share their experiences sounds intuitive. But what is it really worth? Many companies grapple with this question. After all, your best loyal customers stay longer, spend more, cost less … Continue reading

The wisdom of Jeanne Bliss: Stop chasing the CEO’s pet peeves and put customers first

When a company lacks a thoughtful method for listening to customers and making systemic improvements, some executives tend to jump on every middling complaint and business fad rather than tackle deeper issues. I saw this phenomenon in action at a … Continue reading

JetBlue: Taking the turbulence out of travel

Imagine a business where customers regularly pay hundreds or thousands of dollars so they can wait in long lines, experience deep anxiety, be confined for long periods of time and be treated with little compassion or respect. For the most … Continue reading