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“It’s got to pervade every part of your decision making”—How Telstra built a culture of customer advocacy

Last week, on the Net Promoter System Podcast, former Telstra CEO David Thodey shared the story of the Australian telco’s dramatic transformation from the most hated company to the most respected service provider. In the second half of our discussion, … Continue reading

“I will stand for the customer”: Former Telstra CEO David Thodey’s Net Promoter journey

Think of a company so universally hated that merely saying its name invokes groans and sympathy. That was Telstra just eight years ago. In 2007, Australian daily The Age published a column titled “Why We All Hate Telstra.” It chronicled … Continue reading

Five keys to successful innovation (Hint: Start with customers)

There’s no shortage of advice available on how to innovate more effectively. The reason is simple: Innovation fuels growth. Net Promoter companies know that if you want to earn your customers’ enthusiastic advocacy, you’d better innovate. It takes an innovative … Continue reading

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