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Monthly Archives: October 2015

Restaurant chains discover the special sauce of Net Promoter feedback

If you want to find an industry where word of mouth can make or break a business, take a look at restaurants. Positive word of mouth builds buzz: Great food and great service at great prices can create a stream … Continue reading

Finding employees who don’t always do what they’re told

When you hire frontline employees, you are entrusting them with the critical task of generating loyalty and enthusiasm among customers. That means you don’t want employees who only do what they’re told. You want employees who bring their own energy, … Continue reading

Brick by brick: Rebuilding the LEGO Group by rediscovering customer centricity

Every time I see a LEGO Store or even just a single brick, it brings back warm memories of digging into the big tub of LEGO pieces that my brother and I had in our playroom. We’d spend hours creating … Continue reading

Power to the customer: How E.ON became more customer centric

True monopolies don’t worry about customer loyalty. If you don’t have competitors, you don’t need to invest in service, innovation or branding. You can also charge monopoly prices and fees. Take the energy sector. In most countries, monopolies supplied energy … Continue reading