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How Bonobos designed a tailored shopping experience

I used to think Internet stores were just about the last place I’d go if I wanted to buy a pair of pants. It’s hard enough to find a pair of jeans or other casual pants that flatter my slightly-less-than-perfect … Continue reading

Think like a customer, not like a CEO

For every service superstar I know in business, I can think of another formerly promising company that lost sight of the customer. These once-innovative firms typically start out as rebels in their industries, bucking the status quo with a new … Continue reading

How text messages helped a phone retailer turn up his Net Promoter feedback

Mobile phone stores have become almost as ubiquitous as Starbucks—there seems to be one (or more) on every corner. In fact, while the signs on these stores often have the name of the major wireless carrier they represent (Verizon, T-Mobile, … Continue reading

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Adopting the “insurgent mission”—lessons from great founder-led firms

Founder-led companies show up disproportionately in the ranks of loyalty leaders around the world. It’s an anomaly that has fascinated me for over a decade. Amazon, Apple, Google, Enterprise, Charles Schwab and Starbucks have all become loyalty leaders under the … Continue reading

A rising Net Promoter tide can lift all boats (or sink some)

Fred Reichheld believes that companies are getting better at listening to customers. In a recent LinkedIn blog post, he describes how customer feedback is a guiding force at Uber, Harry’s and Airbnb. I’m sure many read the blog post and … Continue reading