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Think like a customer, not like a CEO

stop-thinking-like-a-ceo-npsFor every service superstar I know in business, I can think of another formerly promising company that lost sight of the customer. These once-innovative firms typically start out as rebels in their industries, bucking the status quo with a new idea or disruptive technology. They grow by running their companies on behalf of the customers, realizing that employees and investors could prosper only once customers are delighted.

Then something truly dangerous happens: The customer obsession wanes. Whether intentionally or not, most CEOs distance themselves from frontline employees as their companies add layers of management and bureaucracy. The customer becomes an abstract concept on a spreadsheet — a statistical average.

But some CEOs manage to turn things around. In my latest post on LinkedIn, I look at these radical transformations.

Read the post here: Stop Thinking Like a CEO (and Think Like a Customer Instead)

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