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Podcast Shorts: The Value of Prototypes

Creating a pilot or prototype is an essential part of designing a robust Net Promoter System. These small-scale efforts allow a company to experiment with the system’s essential elements, helping the company to create an effective program it can expand … Continue reading

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Why Good Surveys Still Matter in a Big Data World

Why bother customers with surveys now that businesses have Big Data analytics to guide their customer strategies? And if we don’t need surveys, don’t loyalty metrics and programs such as the Net Promoter System become far less relevant? In reality, … Continue reading

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Podcast: When Customers Speak Their Minds

A number rarely tells the whole story. That’s why leading Net Promoter companies ask customers to discuss their experiences in their own words. Bain Fellow Fred Reichheld returns to the podcast to talk about the shortcomings of multiple-choice surveys, the … Continue reading

Podcast: The Art of Human Connection

Some people have a knack for forming genuine human connections whether it’s with customers, colleagues or employees. They have a gift for making people feel special. The ability to speak with authenticity and authority might come natural to some people. … Continue reading

Great Customer Experience Requires More Than Just a Script and a Score

A version of this blog post originally appeared on CX Cafe. It was the eighth week in a row checking into the same hotel in downtown Philadelphia. I recognized the attendant behind the preferred status check-in counter—he had checked me … Continue reading

Podcast: What Makes Customers Buy? It’s Not Always What You Think

In the US, we’re used to seeing sale signs that tout 40% discounts. However, consumers in China are more likely to see signs that promote the percentage a customer will have to pay after the price cut. This seemingly subtle … Continue reading