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Podcast: When Customers Speak Their Minds

Fred ReichheldA number rarely tells the whole story. That’s why leading Net Promoter companies ask customers to discuss their experiences in their own words.

Bain Fellow Fred Reichheld returns to the podcast to talk about the shortcomings of multiple-choice surveys, the power of verbatim feedback and some common customer service myths.

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One Response to Podcast: When Customers Speak Their Minds

  1. An essential set of clarifications from Fred and Rob. I could identify with all of the challenges covered here. The whole area of relationship feedback (See, I tried not to say survey) is a challenge for most companies. Unless major customers have formal policies against giving feedback, they all want to do so, but supplier sales teams often try to block it, worried that the feedback process will screw up a current deal, for example. Executive sponsor programs help a lot in these cases.
    Another echo I found in the podcast relates to over-surveying. I believe that if you have not identified up-front who is going to work on improvements and provide feedback to the customer, you absolutely should not gather feedback. You always have to provide more value than you extract.