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Podcast: Inside the Four Seasons Approach to Five-Star Service

Hotels didn’t always give out free toiletries. It wasn’t until the 1970s, when a Four Seasons hotel in London first started offering shampoo in showers that other hotels started following suit. And Four Seasons has been setting high standards for … Continue reading

When a Company Wins, Everybody Should Win—Even the “Losers”

When a company shifts its internal investments around, employees who get the short end often feel like corporate losers—marginalized and demoralized. Employees might even stop caring about the company’s mission or the needs of customers, and that’s when real damage … Continue reading

Podcast Shorts: Employee Engagement—Fostering Energy, Enthusiasm and Creativity

Employees need to see the fundamental connection between the work they do every day and its impact on customers. They must experience firsthand the deep satisfaction of earning their customers’ heartfelt gratitude and loyalty. If they don’t, then their jobs … Continue reading

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Podcast Shorts: Closing the Loop in the Net Promoter System

To close the loop is not only to let customers know that you have heard their feedback but also to bring the customer’s voice right inside the organization. Employees get a direct line to the people they are serving. They … Continue reading