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When a Company Wins, Everybody Should Win—Even the “Losers”

fred-reichheld-everybody-wins-npsWhen a company shifts its internal investments around, employees who get the short end often feel like corporate losers—marginalized and demoralized. Employees might even stop caring about the company’s mission or the needs of customers, and that’s when real damage sets in for any company.

But what if a company considered a team’s sacrifices just as important to its mission as a team’s achievements? In that scenario, hard-working employees and managers would be heroes for doing more with less. What if having a smaller budget was as much a sign of professional success as a large one?

In my latest post on LinkedIn, I apply a loyalty lens to the Founder’s Mentality. Read the post here: When a Company Wins, Everybody Should Win—Even the “Losers”.


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