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Monthly Archives: August 2016

Podcast Shorts: Get Real Feedback from Your B2B Customers

Most companies that serve other companies solicit feedback, often in the form of quarterly or semiannual satisfaction surveys. The Net Promoter System in a B2B setting also solicits feedback from customers. But that’s where the similarity to conventional methodologies ends. … Continue reading

Podcast: Want to Empower Employees? Start by Letting Go

How do you get the best out of employees? Scripted interactions and oppressive rules are never the answer. The best companies hire the right people and set the right expectations, and they trust their employees to use their judgment to … Continue reading

Podcast: What Do You Call the Space Between Your Company and Mine?

What do you call the space between you and your customer? According to Dayton Semerjian, that’s where you’ll find the true value of a customer relationship. Dayton is general manager of global customer success and support at the IT services firm … Continue reading