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Podcast: Finding the Road to Authenticity at Lyft

Mary Winfield of LyftRide-hailing companies disrupted the traditional taxi and limo industry by offering unprecedented convenience. But less has been said about the customer experience at these fast-growing companies, which typically allow customers and drivers to rate their interactions. After all, these companies rely on thousands of independent drivers in markets across the country.

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Mary Winfield, vice president of customer experience and trust at Lyft. She says that her company strives to create a culture of respect with drivers that empowers them to make authentic connections with passengers. The company does that by offering services that help drivers get paid quickly and resolve problems faster. Mary also makes time in her schedule to interact with customers and drivers.

You can listen to the episode on iTunes or through the player below. Click here to browse past podcast episodes.

One Response to Podcast: Finding the Road to Authenticity at Lyft

  1. Just listened to this outstanding podcast. It repeated and reinforced many existing concepts in the Net Promoter System. Rob mentioned one thing that was new to me and changes the way I prioritize call-backs. He said we should prioritize calling customers who provide long responses to the verbatim questions, no matter what their Promoter/Passive/Detractor status. Rob also seems to have enjoyed his stint as a Lyft driver.