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Monthly Archives: October 2016

Podcast Shorts: The Inner Loop of the Net Promoter System

The Net Promoter System has a mechanism called the inner loop that helps employees of all kinds get real-time feedback directly from customers. The feedback is usually positive—most employees do their job pretty well—so people typically become more engaged and … Continue reading

Podcast: What Does It Really Take to Become an Expert?

The best companies—loyalty leaders that grow profitably—do things to teach their employees to do their jobs better. In fact, the Net Promoter System was designed to help companies facilitate and accelerate individual learning. The system’s inner loop and huddle play … Continue reading

Are You Getting the Most out of the Net Promoter System? Five Questions to Ask

It’s a scenario that we routinely see: A company starts off using the Net Promoter System with great enthusiasm, gets a few quick wins and then hits a wall. The company’s leaders inevitably ask us, “What are we doing wrong?” … Continue reading

Podcast Shorts: Who Should Run Your Net Promoter System?

What qualities and experiences make for a successful chief advocacy officer? Not just anyone will do, regardless of how bright and ambitious he or she may seem to be. The best CAOs aren’t always the people you might think of … Continue reading