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Podcast Shorts: The Inner Loop of the Net Promoter System

Rob MarkeyThe Net Promoter System has a mechanism called the inner loop that helps employees of all kinds get real-time feedback directly from customers. The feedback is usually positive—most employees do their job pretty well—so people typically become more engaged and enthusiastic. The occasional criticism or complaint about a specific interaction or decision can help individual employees and the organization learn to do their jobs better.

The challenge is to set up the inner loop in the right way, so that it reinforces learning rather than undermining it.

In this short episode, I discuss how the inner loop speeds learning. You can listen to it on iTunes, Stitcher or through the player below:

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One Response to Podcast Shorts: The Inner Loop of the Net Promoter System

  1. Hi Rob, thanks for the podcast. I am interested in setting up an “enterprise” NPS system where using the same survey/database we can determine an independent NPS for an individual franchise and have that score feed into the overall NPS for the entire organization. The goal is to minimize any recalcu Have you seen anyone apply this strategy? Do you know of any existing systems that support its implementation?