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Monthly Archives: December 2016

Podcast: What’s in a Scale? More Questions from Listeners

Why does the Net Promoter scale go from zero to 10? Why is passive not the same as neutral? How do I find a competitive benchmark for my industry? In this episode of the Net Promoter System Podcast, I answer … Continue reading

Podcast: The 33 Qualities of Inspiring Leaders

The goal of the Net Promoter System is to create a culture that encourages employees to bring energy, enthusiasm and creativity to their jobs. Developing that kind of culture requires inspiring leaders. We’ve all seen those people who seem born to … Continue reading

An Open Letter to Telcos: Simplify Before Your Customers Hang Up

Telecom carriers are in a unique position to delight customers at every turn, and many are not taking advantage of that opportunity. After all, people use their phones for everything. Consumers surveyed by Bain last year said they would miss … Continue reading

Podcast Shorts: Huddles in the Net Promoter System

Huddles are short, interactive team meetings, usually 15 to 30 minutes. These regular get-togethers—often daily or weekly—are a critical element of the Net Promoter System. These meetings might be brief, but they reconnect employees to a company’s core mission. They reinforce their … Continue reading