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Podcast: Big Lessons in Culture from a Mat Manufacturer

ian-malpass-220x207My work brings me in contact with many interesting businesses. But one stood out to me recently, not for what it makes—industrial floor mats—but how it makes them.

Millennium Mat has developed a unique culture in which employees make production decisions for their teams and share in the financial benefits of their success. The leaders of these teams are called CEOs and they steer everything from hiring to process. Their employees, whom Millennium calls partners, are expected to bring forth their performance-improving ideas. Companies of all sizes and in all industries could learn a lot from Millennium’s approach, which has propelled its business to almost 40 countries.

Ian Malpass, founder of Millennium Mat, joined me on the podcast to discuss what it takes to forge a culture that’s truly self-directing and self-correcting. You can listen to our conversation on iTunes, Stitcher or through the player below.

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