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Want Loyal Customers? Understand the Episodes That Matter

Good services and a steady stream of new product features used to be enough to hold the top spot in an industry. But that’s not necessarily the case anymore. It’s about the key episodes that define the customer experience. Product … Continue reading

Podcast: The Tricky Thing About Shareholder Value

One of the great philosophers said that a person who sets out to be happy probably won’t achieve his goal. On the other hand, if a person sets out to help others and make the world a better place, he … Continue reading

Here’s a Smarter Use for Social Media

Social media has opened up vast new ways for companies to get to know their customers—what they like, what they hate and where they shop. But anyone with a Twitter handle knows that social networks are littered with inane noise. … Continue reading

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Podcast Shorts: Asking the Right Question

People like to ask about the significance of the likelihood-to-recommend question—”how likely would you be to recommend a product or service to a friend?”— and why it was chosen over others. The answer is simple: It offered the best prediction of … Continue reading

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Podcast: Why Front-Line Obsession Is Critical to Growth

Steve Jobs. Charles Schwab. Howard Schultz. They all spotted an unmet customer need and made it their mission to meet it. They also founded iconic companies that started out as disruptors only to struggle as bureaucracy and distraction set in. … Continue reading