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Podcast: A Little Praise Goes a Long Way, Says Shawn Achor

Employees who are sincerely happy almost always provide a better customer experience. But what can companies do to make a meaningful difference in how employees feel about their work? Shawn Achor, The New York Times best-selling author of The Happiness Advantage and Before … Continue reading

Podcast Shorts: The Story Behind the Smiley Face

Long before social media and online surveys, shopkeepers relied on a simple measure of customer sentiment: whether their customers were smiling. In this short episode, Fred Reichheld and I share the story behind the Net Promoter System’s signature smiley face icons, and … Continue reading

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Podcast: The Science Behind Clicking “Buy” with Jonathan Levav

Do you shop online differently if the purchase involves clicking buttons vs. dragging an item into cart? Does a product search feel more fulfilling if it forces you to scroll through a vast trove of options? Do your survey responses … Continue reading