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Monthly Archives: June 2017

Podcast: The Secret to Happier Customers? Think Simple and Digital

Telecom executives are under pressure from their customers, shareholders and other stakeholders to become more digital, to exploit the new technologies and opportunities that will enable them to deliver more services and operate more efficiently. Some companies approach their digital … Continue reading

Does Your Rewards Program Inspire Loyalty?

Consumers love rewards programs. But do these programs actually build loyalty? I would argue that many don’t—either because the program has become too superficial to engender true loyalty or because it pays customers extra for behavior that would occur anyway. In … Continue reading

Podcast Shorts: What It Takes to Maintain Customer Intimacy at Scale

In the old days, shop owners were on a first-name basis with their customers. Of course, the owners cultivated these relationships within their communities for years, allowing for the intimacy that so many companies aspire to today. It’s tough to … Continue reading