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Podcast: How Rent the Runway Makes a Statement with Style—and Service

jennifer-hyman-rent-the-runway-220x207People feel good when they look good—it doesn’t take a fashion expert to tell you that. But that feeling compounds when you make it easy for people to access clothing that’s unique, fits well and suits the occasion.

That’s the Rent the Runway approach. The company launched in 2009 with a mission to help women feel their best by renting them designer clothing and accessories through an innovative subscription model. The service has been a huge hit, allowing the company to earn more than 6 million members and more than $190 million in venture capital.

Rent the Runway’s CEO and Cofounder Jennifer Hyman recently joined me on the podcast to discuss the company’s disruptive business model and how it built a loyal following in one of the most fickle industries out there. You can listen to our conversation on iTunes, Stitcher or through the player below.

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