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The Net Promoter Games People Play: A Podcast Q&A with Maurice FitzGerald


Begging customers for strong scores. Only seeking feedback from customers who had positive outcomes. Altering contact information to make dissatisfied customers hard to reach.

When it comes to gaming the Net Promoter System, we’ve seen it all and one thing is always clear: When employees intentionally undermine a company’s efforts to understand customers and improve service, everyone loses.

In this episode, I welcome back Maurice FitzGerald, retired vice president of customer experience at HP Software and author of Net Promoter—Implement the System. Together, we discuss ways that companies can discourage employees from sabotaging their feedback efforts.

You can listen to our conversation in iTunesStitcher or through the player below.

2 Responses to The Net Promoter Games People Play: A Podcast Q&A with Maurice FitzGerald

  1. I think “discouraging employees from sabotaging” is still the grown way to frame a successful implementation. It is involving, engaging and explaining the why, frequently and clearly that makes this an initiative for the whole group.

  2. Excellent Podcast, thank you!

    We’ve all been to that car dealership where they try to force you to rate them a 10. As a customer experience professional, does this have the opposite effect on you? (it does me)

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