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Podcast: Bringing Net Promoter to the People, with Darci Darnell


Despite companies’ best efforts to engage their teams, more than half of employees say they are uninspired and dissatisfied in their roles, according to Bain research. Only 19% of employees say they’re inspired and satisfied—a huge opportunity for companies that learn to tap their teams’ potential.

We’ve spent the last several years studying companies’ best engagement methods and distilling them into a simple approach that other companies could adopt to get their employees’ best. We call it Net Promoter for People.

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Darci Darnell, who leads Bain’s Customer Strategy and Marketing practice in the Americas and has played a critical role in developing this powerful system. You can listen to our conversation in iTunesStitcher or through the player below.

One Response to Podcast: Bringing Net Promoter to the People, with Darci Darnell

  1. Great to finally hear about Net Promoter for People. I am looking forward to learning more about the precise format used. In particular, are there open questions after each of the two rating questions (rather than a single set after the two rating questions)? And what open questions are you using.

    The research you mention about the different nature of responses to the open questions about recommendation and inspiration makes me believe there are two sets of open question. The split in the type of responses brings Bain’s Jim Dixon’s work on the ‘Anger-Delight Matrix’ to mind. I wonder whether the comments on the recommendation questions correspond to Jim’s ‘Anger’ items, for example.


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