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Are You Getting the Most out of the Net Promoter System? Five Questions to Ask

It’s a scenario that we routinely see: A company starts off using the Net Promoter System with great enthusiasm, gets a few quick wins and then hits a wall. The company’s leaders inevitably ask us, “What are we doing wrong?” … Continue reading

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A rising Net Promoter tide can lift all boats (or sink some)

Fred Reichheld believes that companies are getting better at listening to customers. In a recent LinkedIn blog post, he describes how customer feedback is a guiding force at Uber, Harry’s and Airbnb. I’m sure many read the blog post and … Continue reading

Medallia webinar replay: Harnessing the economics of customer loyalty

Loyalty leaders know how valuable their most valuable customers are. It’s a simple but powerful concept. In a webinar last week, I explained how companies can use loyalty economics to make investments that ultimately build loyalty and sustain growth. By … Continue reading

Medallia webinar: What are the economics of customer loyalty?

Doing right by your customers so that they stay loyal and share their experiences sounds intuitive. But what is it really worth? Many companies grapple with this question. After all, your best loyal customers stay longer, spend more, cost less … Continue reading

Would you recommend your IT help desk to a friend?

When it comes to delighting customers, leading companies don’t limit themselves to the people outside their walls. They look inward at ways they can apply the Net Promoter System℠ (NPS®) values to their internal operations. We’ve written extensively on employee … Continue reading

The inventors’ delusion: Assuming everyone is just like you

Somewhere in a tech research a lab, an engineer is building what he considers to be the ultimate office gadget. He spent weeks designing the tool’s 65 features, which users can customize with a little programming. He’s sure it will … Continue reading

Give promoters a reason to stick around

Companies should never assume that promoters will always be promoters. Like all relationships, it takes time and energy to maintain a strong connection with customers. Promoters spend more on a company’s products over time and they’re less sensitive to price … Continue reading

Great innovation may come from your customers’ crumbs

Do stale bits of toast rain down from your keyboard when you turn it over? Have years of sticky soda spills given some keys a mind of their ownnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn? For those us who eat lunch at our desks, Logitech has … Continue reading

Turn impossible complaints into opportunities to shine

Every company has customers with complaints that can’t easily be fixed. Maybe it’s a car buyer who’s disappointed that a manufacturer doesn’t offer leather seats for his economy sedan. Maybe it’s a department store shopper who feels like she can’t … Continue reading