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Partner and Global Practice Leader, Bain & Company's Customer Strategy & Marketing Practice. Co-author, The Ultimate Question 2.0.

Podcast: Tapping into Customers’ Deepest Needs

A lot of companies find themselves a situation in which their competitors are increasingly adding value to their products, while they’re struggling to figure out which features and services might move the needle with customers. The leaders of these companies … Continue reading

Podcast: Who Makes the Follow-Up Call?

Does the Net Promoter Score gauge a customer’s broader relationship with a company or just the customer’s most recent experience? Or both? Who should make follow-up calls to customers? I discuss these questions and more in this short episode of … Continue reading

Podcast: What’s in a Scale? More Questions from Listeners

Why does the Net Promoter scale go from zero to 10? Why is passive not the same as neutral? How do I find a competitive benchmark for my industry? In this episode of the Net Promoter System Podcast, I answer … Continue reading

Podcast: The 33 Qualities of Inspiring Leaders

The goal of the Net Promoter System is to create a culture that encourages employees to bring energy, enthusiasm and creativity to their jobs. Developing that kind of culture requires inspiring leaders. We’ve all seen those people who seem born to … Continue reading

Podcast Shorts: Huddles in the Net Promoter System

Huddles are short, interactive team meetings, usually 15 to 30 minutes. These regular get-togethers—often daily or weekly—are a critical element of the Net Promoter System. These meetings might be brief, but they reconnect employees to a company’s core mission. They reinforce their … Continue reading

Podcast: What Really Motivates People

It’s a question just about every manager wrestles with: How do I get my employees to do what I want them to do? How do I get them to be more empathetic to customers? To take feedback and make meaningful … Continue reading

Podcast: Answering Listeners’ Net Promoter System Questions

The Net Promoter Score is a simple measure, but building a process and culture that results in deep customer relationships can be very complex. In this episode, I answer listeners’ questions on everything from competitive benchmarks to best practices for following up … Continue reading

Podcast Shorts: The Inner Loop of the Net Promoter System

The Net Promoter System has a mechanism called the inner loop that helps employees of all kinds get real-time feedback directly from customers. The feedback is usually positive—most employees do their job pretty well—so people typically become more engaged and … Continue reading

Podcast: What Does It Really Take to Become an Expert?

The best companies—loyalty leaders that grow profitably—do things to teach their employees to do their jobs better. In fact, the Net Promoter System was designed to help companies facilitate and accelerate individual learning. The system’s inner loop and huddle play … Continue reading

Podcast Shorts: Who Should Run Your Net Promoter System?

What qualities and experiences make for a successful chief advocacy officer? Not just anyone will do, regardless of how bright and ambitious he or she may seem to be. The best CAOs aren’t always the people you might think of … Continue reading

Podcast: Finding the Road to Authenticity at Lyft

Ride-hailing companies disrupted the traditional taxi and limo industry by offering unprecedented convenience. But less has been said about the customer experience at these fast-growing companies, which typically allow customers and drivers to rate their interactions. After all, these companies … Continue reading

Podcast Shorts: The Essential Role of the Customer Advocacy Office

A company needs more than a CEO’s support to get the most out of the Net Promoter System. That’s why some companies set up a customer advocacy office, or CAO, that focuses on learning about—and improving—the customer experience. A customer advocacy office … Continue reading

Podcast Shorts: Get Real Feedback from Your B2B Customers

Most companies that serve other companies solicit feedback, often in the form of quarterly or semiannual satisfaction surveys. The Net Promoter System in a B2B setting also solicits feedback from customers. But that’s where the similarity to conventional methodologies ends. … Continue reading

Podcast: Want to Empower Employees? Start by Letting Go

How do you get the best out of employees? Scripted interactions and oppressive rules are never the answer. The best companies hire the right people and set the right expectations, and they trust their employees to use their judgment to … Continue reading

Podcast: What Do You Call the Space Between Your Company and Mine?

What do you call the space between you and your customer? According to Dayton Semerjian, that’s where you’ll find the true value of a customer relationship. Dayton is general manager of global customer success and support at the IT services firm … Continue reading