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Simple is as simple does

Is your company especially analytically oriented? We hear people describe their companies this way a lot, often as a way of explaining that nothing as simple as Net Promoter® could ever work in their company. They’re all engineers or accountants, … Continue reading

Introducing the Net Promoter System podcast

We’re always looking for new ways to help Net Promoter System practitioners around the world share their experiences as they try to build loyalty inside and outside their organizations. We recently launched a podcast on iTunes, in which I talk … Continue reading

LinkedIn readers share their “intelligent acts of kindness”

Earlier this month, I wrote a blog post on LinkedIn that praised the merits of “intelligent acts of kindness”—common-sense, low-cost gestures that really make a person’s day. These efforts are “intelligent” for businesses because they are thoughtful, practical, appropriate—and sustainable. At the end, … Continue reading

Inspiring loyalty through intelligent acts of kindness

Some executives think they need to resort to pricey incentives to cultivate loyalty among their customers. But often, all it takes is a common sense, low-cost gesture to brighten a customer’s day and inspire him or her to share the … Continue reading

What does an angry customer cost?

This article originally appeared on LinkedIn.  The byproducts of happy clientele are obvious. Sales rise. Stores fill. Facebook “likes” stream in. These promoters recommend the companies they like to their friends. The cost of detractors—a company’s “haters”—is less clear to … Continue reading

HubSpot Q&A: How savvy marketers use NPS

I recently spoke with HubSpot Chief Marketing Officer Mike Volpe about how marketers are using Net Promoter System to gauge brand sentiment and forge a deeper connection to other parts of their companies’ operations. We also talked about the changing … Continue reading

One number, but many answers

When we developed the Net Promoter Score, the goal was to cut through the numbers noise and provide a truly useful metric for companies. Its power would lie in its ability to improve service quickly as part of a larger system … Continue reading

Never take your customers for granted

In certain businesses with limited competition or long-term contracts, executives can easily delude themselves into thinking they have captive customers. That is, until a major disruptive trend shatters this fantasy. And that always happens. In my latest post on LinkedIn, I discuss the … Continue reading

The danger of dismissing a dissatisfied customer

The byproducts of happy clientele are obvious, but the cost of detractors is less clear to many business leaders. By the time their irritation is evident in traditional metrics—declining sales, failed product upgrades, defections to rivals—the cause of their discontent … Continue reading

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The most toxic kind of corporate “waste”

This post originally appeared on LinkedIn.  In the suburb where I live, people regularly demolish 4,000-square-foot homes just because they’re a little outdated, clearing the way for new 8,000-square-foot estates. Everything goes into the dumpster— all the flooring, drywall, window, … Continue reading

Delighting bank customers one phone at a time

Almost one-third of the 74,700 US consumers that Bain & Company surveyed for its latest global Customer Loyalty in Retail Banking report used smartphones or tablets for banking during the three months prior to the survey. That’s up from one-fifth of respondents … Continue reading

NPS training that you’re likely to recommend

For every analytics system and measuring tool, there are twice as many conferences, seminars and certification programs promising to make you an expert in them. But sometimes these workshops are worth it. A user of Quora asked me what I … Continue reading

Can good service get lost in translation?

When your Net Promoter scores vary widely across countries, it’s natural to wonder if a cultural difference is to blame. Before you dismiss a discrepancy as beyond your control, it’s crucial to dig deeper and consider other factors. A user … Continue reading

Are people talking about your brand? One good way to find out

The Net Promoter system is a natural fit for service companies, but what about consumer goods, such as cereal and shoes? A user of the social network Quora asked whether the question “How likely are you to recommend us to … Continue reading

With customer service, sometimes no answer is your answer

How valuable is your Net Promoter® score if only 2% of your customers took the survey? It’s a fair question with a simple answer. A user of the social network Quora, which has a vibrant NPS community, recently asked this … Continue reading