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Beyond closing the loop with employees, they also must be coached, trained and encouraged to experiment. A parallel employee NPS (eNPS) program can yield tremendous benefits.

Why copying Google won’t improve your employee engagement

Most companies are looking squarely in the wrong direction for ways to improve employee engagement, says my colleague Michael Mankins. “They’re focused on free food, access to child care,” he says (and let’s not forget game rooms, concierge services and … Continue reading

Showing employees how they make a difference

CEOs mistakenly think they can create a customer-centric culture on their own, but that’s never true. It’s always a grassroots process in which people throughout the organization actively develop and support the company’s culture. Without an engaged, empowered workforce, a company … Continue reading

Delight your employees—fire bad customers

Probably every sales clerk or customer-service rep has run into customers they never want to see again. They’re rude, obnoxious and make life uncomfortable for employees and for fellow customers. Their shouts are often laced with profanity. They abuse the … Continue reading

Making spirits bright for harried holiday shoppers

‘Tis the season to be jolly—unless you’re one of the millions of last-minute shoppers fighting the crowds at the mall. Or you’re one of the employees who has to put up with cranky, demanding shoppers and with the incredible crush … Continue reading

The magic of engaged, empowered employees

A couple of weeks ago, I found myself on a marathon shopping trip with my family. We were visiting my son at college. As autumn progressed and temperatures began to drop, he realized that his wardrobe of shorts and t-shirts … Continue reading

Want royally happy customers? Never skimp on service

Ever wonder why Ritz-Carlton hotels serve afternoon tea? You know, that light “meal” with the fussy cucumber sandwiches and miniature eclairs on tiered platters that seem more fitting on Downton Abbey than in a 21st-century hotel restaurant. After all, a … Continue reading

Letting feedback speak for itself

Suppose I’m a customer of yours. You and I have recently interacted. I was a little disappointed in how you served me and my company. I have some feedback about my experience―how it made me feel and what I think … Continue reading

Breaking down the “invisible fence”

Every company needs rules and traditions, but if left unchecked, restrictive policies can stymie creativity. They can give rise to what my next guest on the Net Promoter System podcast calls “invisible fence syndrome.” Like a dog that’s been zapped too … Continue reading

Paying it forward to customers

Companies can and should contribute to positive experiences in the world, and it’s good business practice to do so. The trickier question is how to foster a culture that achieves these aims without seeming cloying or artificial. We all know … Continue reading

The problem with pasta on a plane

It’s a long flight from the US to Singapore, where Bain recently held its fourth annual Asia-Pacific Loyalty Forum. And as it happens, on that trip, one of the attendees of the Forum had an experience that illustrates an important … Continue reading

Creating a customer-centric company: Six paths to learning

This article originally appeared on Creating a customer-centric company is tough in the best of circumstances. You have to rebuild your company’s culture, which means helping employees learn new ways of thinking and acting. You have to entrust frontline … Continue reading

Who keeps you jazzed about your job?

This article originally appeared on  “Fanatical” customer support is the mantra at Rackspace, an IT hosting company. Hype and fluff? Not so. Energized, motivated Rackers really do put in the discretionary effort that creates a better experience for customers. … Continue reading

Like your job? Thank your boss

This article originally appeared on LinkedIn. Your boss has a lot to do with whether you like your work. That may sound blindingly obvious, but surprisingly few companies treat direct supervisors and team leaders as the key to employee engagement. … Continue reading

Who inspires you at work?

When it comes to keeping employees engaged, few people are as influential as direct supervisors. Makes sense, right? You’re more likely to enjoy your job if your boss pays attention to your work, gives you the right tools for the … Continue reading

The four secrets to employee engagement

This article originally appeared on  How did you feel about coming to work this morning? I’m sure many factors influenced whether you felt like digging right in, but one of the most significant was almost surely your boss. It … Continue reading