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Podcast Shorts: Huddles in the Net Promoter System

Huddles are short, interactive team meetings, usually 15 to 30 minutes. These regular get-togethers—often daily or weekly—are a critical element of the Net Promoter System. These meetings might be brief, but they reconnect employees to a company’s core mission. They reinforce their … Continue reading

“It’s got to pervade every part of your decision making”—How Telstra built a culture of customer advocacy

Last week, on the Net Promoter System Podcast, former Telstra CEO David Thodey shared the story of the Australian telco’s dramatic transformation from the most hated company to the most respected service provider. In the second half of our discussion, … Continue reading

The huddle: The short meeting that leads to big results

No matter what size your company, keeping employees connected to the core mission can be a challenge. For frontline workers, the incessant flow of customer transactions can eventually strip them of context and meaning. Often, in an attempt to improve … Continue reading

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