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Rallying Teams Around Net Promoter: A Podcast Q&A with Maurice FitzGerald

Building internal support for a fledgling Net Promoter System can be one of the biggest challenges of getting such an effort off the ground. It requires leaders to not only have a strong grasp of loyalty economics and the company’s … Continue reading

Podcast: Who Makes the Follow-Up Call?

Does the Net Promoter Score gauge a customer’s broader relationship with a company or just the customer’s most recent experience? Or both? Who should make follow-up calls to customers? I discuss these questions and more in this short episode of … Continue reading

Podcast Shorts: The Inner Loop of the Net Promoter System

The Net Promoter System has a mechanism called the inner loop that helps employees of all kinds get real-time feedback directly from customers. The feedback is usually positive—most employees do their job pretty well—so people typically become more engaged and … Continue reading

Podcast Shorts: Closing the Loop in the Net Promoter System

To close the loop is not only to let customers know that you have heard their feedback but also to bring the customer’s voice right inside the organization. Employees get a direct line to the people they are serving. They … Continue reading

Why Good Surveys Still Matter in a Big Data World

Why bother customers with surveys now that businesses have Big Data analytics to guide their customer strategies? And if we don’t need surveys, don’t loyalty metrics and programs such as the Net Promoter System become far less relevant? In reality, … Continue reading

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Podcast: When Customers Speak Their Minds

A number rarely tells the whole story. That’s why leading Net Promoter companies ask customers to discuss their experiences in their own words. Bain Fellow Fred Reichheld returns to the podcast to talk about the shortcomings of multiple-choice surveys, the … Continue reading

The inner loop of the Net Promoter System: Connecting employees and customers every day

One of the great ironies of modern business practices stems from the way traditional “voice of the customer” programs alienate employees from their customers. These programs generally deliver customer feedback to employees in the form of statistics and reports several … Continue reading